MY collaborative ADvertising SCREEN


Transform easy any TV or any screen in a real collaborative advertising screen

All Adskreen mini boxes are preconfigured and ready to use. All you have to do is connect them to an HDMI socket on your screen and you'll get a real advertising screen. They are activated to work with ADWOWI and you will immediately benefit from all the advantages this advertising broadcast platform offers:


  • No monthly subscription
    • Manage a real advertising screen
    • Build low cost a real ad screen network for free
    • View your ad screen statistics
      • number of received ads / validated ads / rejected ads
      • and more
  • Use your advertising screen in private mode*
    • Use your advertising screen only for yourself
    • Select who can be connected on your adscreen
    • Edit gratis code or coupon only for your friend, customer or partner
  • Use your advertising screen in ShareScreen mode
    • Share your advertising screen with people around the world
    • Securely accept  or reject ads from all over the world
    • Earn money with your ad screen
    • Make partnership with other adscreen owner connected to Adwowi
    • Publish for free on your advertising screen
    • Publish worldwide for free on Adwowi Partner screen
  • Use your advertising screen during a specific event
    • Create an event
    • Choose the start and end date of the event
    • Set a broadcast rate during this event
  • Use your partner account to advertise
    • Search and find any ad screen worldwide
    • Send your advertisement during a specific event
    • Select date, lenght of the ad, broadcast frequency
    • Broadcast ads on adscreens around the world
    • Pay with Paypal or Credit Cards
    • Pay with Credit Adwowi
    • Follow your order and receives alerts
    • Use the web platform or Smartphones


In order to optimize shipping costs as well as customs fees, choose the country of installation or the one closest to where your Adskreen advertising screen will be installed.

Shipping country is FRANCE

Shipping country is ENGLAND


Shipping country is USA