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The Adskreen company manufactures and distributes small modules (or mini-boxes) that transform any type of TV into collaborative advertising screens. These are advertising screens that you can use either:


  • in "private" mode: you operate your screen just for yourself.

  • in "private collaborative" mode: you open a secure access to your screen to other selected Adskreen partners (your network of partners for example) in order to broadcast your digital ads free of charge among you.

  • in "public collaborative" mode: you make your screen securely accessible to the general public or to individuals with an access code (for the broadcasting of their proximity ads for example) in order to collect advertising fees paid online (broadcasting costs them from $1 to $3 per day).

In collaborative mode, all the ads received are secure and strictly in accordance with your ethical charter because they are viewed and validated by you before any automatic distribution on your screen. In addition, when you opt for a public collaborative mode, you don't pay any monthly subscription!

With Adskreen, you quickly get a real powerful and complete advertising screen because you install a TV screen yourself where you want and simply connect an already preconfigured and ready to use mini-box. 

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